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ESD EMC EMI International Compliance/Precompliance Testing & Services

Technical - What is EMC?

A product achieves electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) when it can operate satisfactorily in its intended environment without generating electromagnetic interference, while at the same time not being affected by interference from that environment.

Three factors must be present for electro-magnetic jnterference (EMI) to occur, namely;
  - a source or culprit of electromagnetic energy
  - a medium or coupling path through which the     energy is transmitted
  - a receptor or victim that suffers adverse    effects. MORE>>

Need to test?

If you are a manufacturer or importer the answer is YES!
QDL are committed to assisting the electronics and other manufacturing industries in reaching the EMC standards required for their products. In the following pages we will give you an introduction to EMC and provide some general information about testing your products.

We can only advise you generally as to which standards to use for testing. The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) who control the entire EMC Directive are the best authority to contact for this information. (See ACA Link) on the links page.

International Compliance/Precompliance Testing & Services

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Designing for EMC

A systematic approach incorporating each aspect of the product from PCB level to enclosure is the best way to ensure compliance. Simple management details such as determining the actual standards you need to test for and whether a Class A or B limit applies. What sort of supporting documentation you require and how this is achieved.

A short team briefing/training session will give you and your team the QDL design advantage in your industry.

Contact Roman Gdowski at QDL for more information