Compliance with the requirements of the EMC framework may be demonstrated by one of two routes, namely:

Testing the product against the applicable standards (both emission and immunity) and preparing a compliance folder, or

Preparing a technical construction file (TCF)----see Shortcomings of TCF below.

European EMC framework is very similar but requires more testing.

The choice depends on the nature of the device and the extent to which products may be tested for conformity. The most direct route to conformity is testing to the applicable standards.

When determining which standards apply to a particular product, suppliers should follow these guidelines:

Choose a product-specific standard (eg, microwave ovens) if there is one, or

Choose a product -family standard (eg, household appliances) if there is one, or

Default to the generic standard.


Paths to Compliance


1  Test against relevant standards.

2 Technical construction file route.


TCF vs Traceable Testing!

Your must be absolutely certain your results hold up under scrutiny!

Technical Construction File (TCF) can arguably be unsatisfactory for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons being the reasons why Traceable Testing is the preferred method.

  • Measurement certainty

  • Comeback Procedure

  • On the spot problem solving