Historical Information


Quantum Digital was established by Roman Gdowski in 1982 to offer consulting services to the mining and process control sectors. This later developed into onsite interference problem solving and other interference related services.

In 1987 the first genuine Open Air Test Site (OATS) was established in Gingin (see 1st Time Testing/About EMC/Laboratories/SAT) and the Intellect Pinpad was the first product to gain international EMC accreditation. The following years saw the development of a small test site and laboratory facility in the metropolitan area, this provided a much needed EMC resource for the electronics community.

A commitment in 1995 to establish a world class facility (see 1st Time Testing/About EMC/Laboratories/SAT) and expertise saw the purchase of a full EMI receiver system and a complete traceability methodology for all measurements.

QDL currently conducts tests to both national and international standards and has international recognition for its reports.